Monday, December 14, 2009

Myna Audio Editor - Online Editing Audio for Videos

Update 10/11/2012: The company has decided to change business focus to mobile applications. They have closed their photo, music and illustration web sites. It was a terrific service.

The good news is that if you have an iOS or Android device you can continue your creativity. This post is now an historical archive of what was a music creation and editing service. creates online applications. Myna is a web application that helps you edit audio, narration and music. That is what the program it does but the way it does it is fluid, smooth and just wow.

If you have the bandwidth and a bit of time you can work from anywhere to compose or edit audio tracks. Rick and Mateo of have a good overview video of Myna and the feature set:

Just one caution for web video users. There is a sound library available inside of the program. So you could have access to loops, music and other audio content. You could mix a customizable soundtrack.

Not so fast bunky. In the press release I read AMP tracks can only be used for non-commercial purposes only. Being the snoopy kind of gal that I am I learned that APM Music is actually:
... is the largest provider of music for use in film, television, radio, video games and new media production is a joint venture of EMI, the world’s largest independent record label, and BMG, the global music division of Bertelsmann AG...
Er, yeah. Not the guy in the padded garage making music. So if you use something from the library in a commercial video, however APM Music defines a commercial video, then I'd expect an invoice should it reach a certain viewer threshold. Lawyers are standing by waiting for the opportunity.

Or not. I could be mistaken. I just couldn't find any other clarification of terms about using APM Music content on the web site.

So What Is the Catch?

You do have to register. Not really an issue but you do need to know. Now I don't normally like reading Terms of Service but I will say these folks made it easier by having a summary on the right side of the screen on the legalese.

I'm still reading the long winded stuff:
  • Your uses of the sites constitutes acceptance of the terms of service.
  • They can change the terms at any time.
  • You own your work
  • Some content is Creative Commons - pay attention to what is and is not.
  • You own your work but Aviary might use it in promotion of the web site or company. It might allow a third party to use that work to demonstrate what the service can do.
Nothing out of the ordinary. Here is what is a little different:
  • There is a Basic subscription. Basic subscribers have unlimited access to one application in the Aviary product line. There are others such as a Photoshop replacement and visual graphics software. Should you want to use more than one application or sell your work you have to pay for a Premium membership which currently is $24.99 at year. This would provide access to member only features like advanced tutorials and other items.
  • There is the ability to sell your work created with Aviary products. If that should happen inside of the Aviary environment at some point in time you might have to pay a percentage fee in commission.
I do like the idea on an online audio editor. This could be useful to a lot of people. Absolutely check it out or watch the vendor demo on the main page.

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