Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick Look at Kodak PlayFull Dual Zi12 Camera

Ever since I’ve been on the planet there has been Kodak. Brownies, Instamatics, 110s, you name it and I’ve had my hands on it. It took them a while to dip into digital and when they finally got in the game with the DC 290 it like to drove me crazy not to have access to one.

That was a long time ago. Sigh, I wish Kodak luck because bankruptcy is not a good thing. So let’s see if we can make a love match between a person who is Flipped out and a camcorder needing a good home. 

This is a quick look at the Kodak PlayFull Dual Zi12 Camera.

David Snooks is an employee at Kodak so I'm thinking he has an interest in sharing the word about the Zi12. So this is some shots of the Zi12 doing that Slo-Mo thing.

Mercy. Let’s look at the specs:

Sensor type 1 / 2.33-type, 12 MP CMOS
Lens 4.7 mm F2.6 AF lens
Video and Still Wide Angle Lens 31 mm (4:3), 35 mm equivalent 31 mm @ 1080p with Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) 31 mm @ 720p with DIS 31 mm
WVGA with DIS 26 mm @ still capture.
Zoom Optical None Zoom 4X digital
Storage 20MB internal SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB
Video formats MPEG-4, AAC LC
Editing In Camera Trim
Capture modes 1080p (1920 x; 1080, 30 fps)
720p /60 fps (1280 x; 720, 60 fps)
720p (1280 x; 720, 30 fps)
WVGA (848 x; 480, 30 fps)
Microphone Monaural w. level controls External Mic Jack
Speaker Monaural Headphone jack
Film effects EktaChrome, KodaChrome,
T-Max,TRI-X, Sepia

All this for $199? I could be persuaded.

So Who is the Camcorder For?

Broke folk filmmakers. Artists. Reporters and Journalists. Serious hobby folk. Videoblogers. Coaches. Performers. I could go on.  Food bloggers, travel bloggers, tech-a-holics of all persuasions.

For Mac users wanting nothing to do with AVCHD this could be of interest.

If you care about video quality and you have limited cash funds I can see going with this. If you had a deep love of the Zi6 or Zi8 and you are ready to step up this is for you.

If you are a beginner I think you would be fine. It does have simple controls but the juice seems to be in the menu. It has more features than a standard point and share camcorder.

On the surface it looks like a keeper but the device will not be released for sale until April 2012. has a review of the Zi12.

It is has got my attention but until I can lay hands on it in a retail store this is just a dream.

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  1. Hey! what are the exact resolution in pixeles and frame rate of the Slow Motion mode?

    Im comfused, is 720p 240 fps?

    I thing you could post a Raw uncompressed footage of this mode somewhere


  2. Good question. Let do some research and see if I can come up with an answer.

    I'll make a new post when I find it.


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