Monday, March 26, 2012

Motovlogs - The Wheels Are Turning

We are linked and the people we know or have a connection. I was looking at my YouTube subscriber list and saw an acquaintance from vlogging days gone by. This is David Howell from way up north, in Vancouver.

Eh, David can be a little salty with the language. If F-bomb bothers, you don't watch the video.

I love the diversity in how folks use video. I'm equally awed by the communities that are created to support the different kinds of users.There is a strong, active Motovlogging community.

How do I know this?

Because after checking out other videos I found my way to It is place where you can find answers to questions like the right camera for mounting on your helmet, the right editing software, finding the road less traveled and the first, that I know of, mobile phone dual vlogging motocycle ride between Texas and the UK.

This is Spicy110 and Thegardensnake taking a ride together 4,732 miles apart.

I look on in deep envy. I'm just not tall enough to hop on a motorcycle. Well, that and a huge honking amount of fear. But this is such a cool niche that I'll keep popping in their world from time to time to check out the action.

So, if you want to know more about riding and recording safely on your cycle then you definitely should check out In addition to the YouTube community you can also find motovloggers on Vimeo as well.

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