Thursday, April 26, 2012

Digital Storytelling Examples - Promotional Narrative

The story starts with a person or event. An extension of the personal narrative is the promotional narrative. Businesses, corporations, and institutions often use a promotional narrative to showcase and individuals story in connection to their story or to a larger community.

Author Chitra Divakaruni is a member of the University of Houston's community. Take a look at how her story is intertwined with the story of the university. The video is only 2:39 second long but a lot of information is being transmitted.

It is simple video. The video begins with her story and then demonstrates how the University expanded her talents and gifts and has done so for other students. The promotional goal is for the viewer to connect that if you go to the University of Texas you will be welcomed and you will be supported in your writing career.

You can recreate the structure of the video. You have the technology and it won't cost six million dollars.

Black Title Card - Any photography or illustration program can generate a black photo, you can use the dimensions of your video as a size guide. If you don't have a photography or illustration program (and I kinda think you do) you also can generate title cards from programs like Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, or LibreOffice Impress
If you don't have a slide show program that can export jpeg images not to worry. You can download that graphical Swiss army knife known as IrfanView to generate and manipulate images.
Not to mention that your video editing program probably has a fade from black or title card function.

Photos - Whatever you have you can use. Scan them, transfer them from the smartphone or camera or hold them up before the camera.

Camcorder  or Recording Device - Optional if you don't want to record a in-person narrative.

Music - understated but helps move the story along. There are places you can go for music that will fit the mood of the story.
Dan-O at has a lot of good stuff in his archive. You can't go wrong at Kevin McLeod's Incompetech site, one of the oldest web music joints.
Which is why you should watch the video again to get clues on how do you handle showing a small photo? Transitions? Environmental visual accents as the speaker talks.

The tools are simple. It is what you do with them that makes a story yours.

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