Friday, April 20, 2012

SlingShot by Woxom - Kicked Up to Greatness

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Or as my ancient self use to say; "Yes, yes, good gosh yes!" For those of us packing smartphones and mobile recording devices there is now a handheld stabilizing grip called the SlingShot for Android, iPhone and Phablet users.

I kid you not. Charles Waugh designed the gizmo and it has exceeded his requested Kickstarter goal.  I've been searching for something similar and there was nothing affordable or practical to carry.

I'm in for one because I have a smartphone and a Samsung media player that needs support. Especially the for Samsung, I can take photos with it but video I get the major shakes. I don't have a secure enough grip for long term recording.

This bad boy solves that problem.

And hey, we all need support and this is a chance to buy home grown before the knockoffs make a bum rush to appropriate the design. For now the only place to get it is from the Kickstarter campaign page but as soon as Woxom sets up a product page I'll list it here.

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