Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Camcorder Safari - Ben's Outlet

One of the ways to score a deal on a camcorder or camera is to keep an eye on the refurbished/overstock vendors. These are the folks that will buy a vendor's model close out or refurbished returns and sell them at a discount rate.

You should keep Ben's Outlet on your radar. The stock changes rapidly but you can snag a good deal if you know and understand what you are purchasing, what you can and what you have to loose.

What You Will Need To Know

Ben's Outlet buys stuff from vendors who want to disperse their prior generation stock, models that didn't sell well, customer returns and other stuff.  The Kodak Playfull Ze1 being sold is a factory refurbished being sold. There may or may not have been a problem with the device.

The camera could have been returned because the user didn't like it or it was too small to operate. It could have been returned because of a known structural defect. In any case, it cannot be sold as new. It is cleaned up and repackaged for sale.

A place like Ben's Outlet purchases a certain number of these types of items and sells it to their customers at a reduced rate. If it is a popular item it will go fast. I like that I can quickly see what they have in stock.

You have to set up an account at the site before you can make a purchase. You buy, they ship via the U.S. Post Office or UPS.

Before You Buy - Your Responsibilities

Reading the specs on the camera it seems like a deal to purchase. Well, hold up a minute. Just because it is a great sales price does not necessarily mean that you should buy it. You need to check out if there were problems or issues with the camcorder.

From a quick review scan the Kodak Playfull Ze1 get positive reviews for operation and video quality but the screen size is a downer. It is a 1.5 LCD that some folks just can't deal with squinting at such a small area.

Me? I could live with it because this camera/camcorder takes full size SD memory cards. I don't like paying more for miniSD cards. You have to know what you can accept or not accept before you make a purchase. That is true with most of the overstock and refurbished vendors.

You buy it and it is your headache. The warranty is with the producer of the product, not Ben's Outlet.

The deals change at Ben's Outlet so expect that some days there is no camera or camcorder for sale and other days there are oodles of them. Before you engage your camera/camcorder lust check the device out before you buy.

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