Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Battery Lingo - Where's the Juice?

People get tripped up by battery lingo all of the time. Frugalistas especially when they are in the 99 Cent Only or Dollar Stores. If you need AAA or AA batteries for your camera or camcorder you need to know the power requirements.

It depends on your device. Knowing the battery lingo as it relates to buying batteries for your camera or camcorder can keep you from freaking out when you are forced into shut-off mode.

Heavy Duty

You are in the 99 Cent Only or Dollar Store. You see them, 20 for $1. What is a frugalista to do but scoop them up?

Heavy duty batteries are for slow drain devices, that is why when you look at the package they will have little icons showing the remote, the transistor radio or a clock. They are best for items that sip their power, not gulp it down like digital cameras and camcorders.

Now, yes there are some inexpensive digital cameras and camcorders that can work with this type of battery. The really cheap ones with questionable video quality. The truth is even they don't really like the dollar level batteries.

Super Heavy Duty

Again check the package. There may or may not be an icon for a camera. These have a bit more juice for toys, flashlights or home gadgets. Again, there will be some cameras and camcorders that will function just fine with SHD but not really want you want to take a chance on if you are taking that once in a lifetime recording.

Lithium and Photo Lithium

This is power most folks will need to safely power recording devices. It is made for high drain users. This kinda power doesn't come cheap, you will pay for the ability to record for a least an hour or more.Currently lithium and photo lithium batteries can cost from $5 to $10 depending on where you shop.

Don't buy cheap only to pay for it later. Look at the specification sheet that came with your device. The better cameras and camcorders manufacturers will tell you the power requirements for your snapper.

Buy and power accordingly.

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