Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Data Journalism Handbook - Web Edition

I am not a reporter. Never claimed to be. But we have all found ourselves trying to bring facts and information into our social circles or media discussions. Me? I do try to talk to real people.

But for those times when it is just the electrons flowing back and forth between carbon based units it is good to have a resource you can flip open when you have a need.

For you citizen, advocacy and life long information gatherers you might want to swing over to the Data Journalism Handbook web site.
 You can tell a story with numbers, figures and reams of data. There is a way to do it without it being a snooze fest. For those folks interested in advocacy, citizen journalism or communicating difficult subjects this book might be of help.

Skimming through the visualization section and a few ideas popped into my head. I am not a graphic artist but I can see the possibilities of animating numbers with images or a data collage.

The handbook is free to look at via the web or you can order the actual paper based book when it comes out from O'Reilly. 

So much to learn and not near enough time.

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