Friday, May 4, 2012

My Baseline Video Edting Computer Specs

I have searched for voices of reason. I would have never expected having trouble finding decent articles and legitimate posts on 2012 desktop computer purchase advice. I wanted a perspective on what to be aware of; instead I found a lot of old posts from so-called tech sites that had not been updated since 2010.

Damn disgusting if you ask me. I put the thinking cap on and this is my baseline road map to finding the system that I want.

My Specification Sheet

These are the categories of desktop computers that are in the wild. I added the Gaming computers because many of the specs in a gaming desktop are similar to video editing desktop requirements.

Broke Folks
Operating System Windows 7 64-Bit
Vista 64-bit
Windows 7 64-Bit
Vista 64-bit
Windows 7 64-Bit
Vista 64-bit
CPU – AMD Phenom II x6
Fusion FX 6 Core
Phenom II X6
Fusion FX 8 Core
Gamers don’t seem to do AMD
CPU – Intel Core i5 2nd Gen 2400 or higher Core i5 2nd Gen 2400 or higher, Core i7 current generation Core i7 current generation
Memory 4GB to 8GB 8GB+ 8GB+
Hard Drive 1TB at 7,200 RPM or higher 1TB/2TB at 7,200 RPM or higher 1TB/2TB or higher 7,200 RPM or higher
Optical Drive SuperDrive DVD SuperDrive DVD or Blue Ray SuperDrive DVD or Blue Ray
Graphics Integrated Graphics Integrated Graphics but AMDs have Nvidia graphics cards Separate graphic card.
USB Ports USB 2.0 but some have USB 3.0 USB 2.0 but some have USB 3.0 USB 2.0 but some have USB 3.0
Power Supply
500w+ 600W+ 750W+

These are my ideas on what a fiscally challenged individual can do to get an affordable machine. As my search continues my ideas might change.

My Specs and Retail Shopping May Not Match
My specs for a desktop video editing computer are at best, conservative and frugal. I would not mind at all an Alienware or Origin computer but I don’t have that kind of cash. 

As of May 2012 Ivy Bridge processors are about to ship. If I was a laptop user I’d wait for them to get into the market place before I’d drop cash. I’m a desktop user but the market is focused on Ivy Bridge CPUs.

Another issue I’m facing is the hard drive shortage. Manufacturers have taken to install 5,400 RPM hard drives into their computers. That is fine if you are a basic web only or Facebook user. (No disrespect intended.)

You cannot use 5,400 RPM hard drives for video editing. Your video editing software will not support it. That is an instant deal breaker unless you are willing to pony up and install a 7,400 speed hard drive.

And you might have too.

The power supply issue is also a concern. I’ve seen a promising candidate only to get to the power supply and see the joke of the day 180w? 250w? 300w? I’ve also seen spec sheets on a vendor site that omits the information on power supply.

Installing a new power supply isn’t that tough but vendors have all kinds of case configurations. The off the shelf power supply you might want to use might not fit in that vendor’s case.

It is a pickle.

What’s Next?
Now that there is an understanding of the costs, the software requirements and the specs I think it is time to go shopping.  Or not.

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  1. I just purchased a new desktop computer for video editing, which you will be able to reference below. After finding out the hard way and not trying to spend the money, I found out that my 4 year computer with HP xw Workstation with 8gigs of RAM and a 2.0 Intel Quad with a 512 video card, still caused lag in my video editing using the Canon T3i.(.MOV file) So I purchased a new desktop with the following specs.....

    Intel Board (front bus memory speed of 1333mhz)
    16gigs of Ram (hyper threading memory)Cosair
    3rd generation i7 3770 processor
    GeForce 550 dual monitor with 2gigs of Ram
    Windows 7 (64bit)
    9 and 1 card reader
    3.0 USB ( 3 slots)

    total: 1204.00 out the door...

    Cut through HD (.MOV) like a hot knife through butter when editing, that includes adding effects!

    I do music videos and short films.

    Thanks, I hope I was able to help out with a desktop for video edting.

    Sony Vegas Pro 10 (video edting software)

    1. Yes, I appreciate the suggestions. I don't have space for a dual monitor but everything else is possible. I found out that if I buy a system now I can get Windows 8 upgrade for $15 later.

      16GB is the way to go if you can afford it. And juicing up on the graphics card cannot hurt.


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