Saturday, May 19, 2012

Professor Lih's Five Shot Checklist

So you know you are going out with your recording device (camera, camcorder, phone, tablet, sunglasses, etc.) today and you desperately want to come home with something useful that you can either upload or edit quickly.

Like most things there is a process. This is one of them that I found on Slideshare. Andrew Lih is a professor at the University of Southern California.Checklist: Five Shot video method
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This is his slide checklist on making sure you record the video you want so that you can present the story  you intended to tell. I do like it but I wish I could get a printable version.

You may or may not see an ad at the bottom of the slide. If you do it is a pain because if you click it off to read the bottom of the slide it just comes back.

You can make the slide full screen by clicking the four sided arrows at the bottom right of the slide menu bar.

I wanted to print it out to take with me. I tried the print preview in Google Chrome to see what it would look like if I printed the checklist. No, not going to happen.

9:03 a.m. Update: I found a pdf version on Professor's Lih's blog.

In the meantime, charge them up and move them out. There are stories to be told.

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