Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Levalator for Balancing Audio for Interview Videos

Lots of folks are traveling to conferences and meet-ups. Many bloggers and vloggers with good intentions are interviewing a lot of interesting people. You got the video but when play back your video find out that one person is talking louder than the other person.

The pain. You can’t crank up the audio without distorting the other voice. What can you do? Well you can’t call The Punisher, The Shadow or The Spirit. You want The Levalator.

The software balances out the difference between the two speaking voices. The Levalator is free software for Linux, PC and Mac Users.

What You Will Need

  • You should be comfortable with finding files on your computer.
  • You will need to extract the audio from your video. I wrote about how to do that using MPEG Streamclip or Microplant Adapter.
  • The Levalator accepts .wav and .aff audio files. If you have an .mp3 file you will have to convert it to a .wav audio file. This might cause issues because .mp3 by its nature is a compressed audio format.

It is bone simple to use. You open the program and drag the audio file onto the program area. It does the whatzits and then creates a new version with a “.output” notation in the file name.

When you have your updated audio you can import it into your video editing program, mute the existing audio and then add the updated track.

This can be a big help if a moderate adjustment needs to be made. I gotta stress that is can’t balance between a whisper and a shout.

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