Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quick Look at Canon PowerShot S100 for Video

It is all I can do to stay away from the local full service camera store. Every time I walk in that joint I tend to walk out with something. A friend of mine is helping my addition by slipping me photo store advertising he gets in the mail.
Canon PowerShot S100 - More Info At Canon Web Site
I was researching another camera and everybody in the comments was talking about the Canon PowerShot S100. I went to take a look and I have to say the specs got my interests.

Normally I don't care for the size or format of these small point and shoot cameras.  A lot of stuff gets crammed into multiple electronic menus. By the time you find what you want the shot is gone. I also have average size hands. If the buttons are too small you hit the thing that you don't want to hit.

I'd have to actually lay hands on the camera to know if the ergonomics work out. That being said on the video side there are a lot of yummy things to consider.

Specs of Interest
  • 24-120mm (equivalent) lens with 5 Optical zoom
  • F-stop range 2.0-5.9 so it should do well in low light situations
  • ISO 80-6400 used in conjunction with the f-stop range should increase your chances of getting a good shot in challenging lighting conditions
  • H.264 MOV recording with a dedicated move record button
  • Video recording time on a 16GB card at 720p seems to be about 55 minutes or so.
The S100 can record at 1080p at 24 frames per second (fps) so if you needs a video that has filmic quality at this size you score. It also does 720p at 30 fps, 640 x 480 at 30 fps, and this is a kicker 640 x 480 at 120 frames per second.

The more I research about the S100 the more I like it. It has a video slow motion mode? This is a video of the slow motion mode created by DP Reviews

It's a love thing. Yeah.

I mean no. I can't go buy it. I could, but you shouldn't go buy a device that makes you drool with possibilities on playing with a specific feature. Actually, there is a lot to love about this camera.

It really is a camera for people that have a good understanding of photography concepts. You can keep it on automatic if you want to but working with the feature set gets you a whole lot more.

It's A Heartbreak

Currently the Canon PowerShot S100 is selling just under the $400 level but if it can do all it claims to it might be worth it. This is a consumer camera with more than a dash of DSLR-ish kind of features in a small form factor.

I can drool but if I can't comfortably use the device then it would be a heart breaker. I have a few more months on being on a buying lock down. I'll put it on my very long imaginary list of items to check out.

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