Saturday, June 23, 2012

Text PSA – CVNB Weekend Project 2

The project this week is to make a public service announcement (PSA) using just text and sound effects. Seriously. You have two elements, text and sound. That is it.

Your topic: Distracted drivers, i.e. those people that text and do other things as they are driving down the road. Not just texting but talking, eating and eye brow plucking.  It is bad, really bad and if you are a pedestrian I am preaching to the choir.

What You Will Need
For information and statistics visit the Distraction Drivers website Facts and Statistics page.  Because the information was created by the U.S. government for the benefit of the people you can use the material on the site. Keeping with spirit of the project, you can’t use the images.

A video editing program that has a title generator. Most editing programs do but if there is a way to animate text so much the better.

For sound effects, I like to use verifiable public domain material. One place to get traffic and car horns is Media College Sound Effects page.

Another place to check out is; you do have to register to download the audio files. Most of the sound effects creators at this site ask for Creative Common Attribution. You must cite the source of your sound in the video.

You could narration as well. Or not.

You can use symbol fonts but refrain from using the more pictorial ones. Really, it is about the text.

You could create text slides in a presentation program, export the slides and then import into your video editing program.  This way you could use more of the editing features and not be locked into the title generator's limitations.

It is a lot more work but I’ll give that wee bit of wiggle room. But not Photoshop, After Effects or any other type of imaging or motion graphics software. Work within the constrictions.

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