Friday, June 15, 2012

Flash Kit Loops for Sound Accents in Your Video

Music heals all wound and if your video needs a music patch or an accent transition you might want to look at some of the musical loops over at Flash Kit. The site seems like it has been around forever. It looks it.

Visually it hasn’t been updated in years. In my browser there is a bunch of white space at the top with ads that boarder it. I had to move down the page to find the loops. Not sure who the current owners or caretaker is but a little touch-up never hurt anybody.

Once you get use to the fug ugly layout of the site it is simple to use. Select the genre that matches the sound that you want. Test out the loop in the Flashtrak Consosle player to sample the sound. If you like it then click on the link to go to the download page.

On the download page you can see all of the details of the music loop. The length, the type of music it is and the file format that you want to save it in. For better quality save it in .wav audio format. If you can’t import .wav files then save it as .mp3. Or vice versa.

There are all kinds of contributors to the site. Folks doodling on their home equipment, there are experimenters, the pro-am circuit and those that want to sell their loops under a royalty free deal. You will need to make sure you understand the rights assigned to each music look.

Before you download the file, check the license.  Freeware means you can use it anyway you want to but attribution is a good thing. Linkware, as it meant in the olden days, means that you can use the music but you must place attribution and provide a link to the creator’s web site.

Royalty Free means you need to purchase the right to use the loop.

Some of these loops are really old. The creators may have moved on to other websites or the link is broken. Still, abide by the terms of usage and you can’t go wrong.

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