Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Glance at Sony Vegas Webinars

I was trying to figure out how to use still images with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD. I went to the tutorial section of Sony's web site and found out that there have prior recorded webinars that could be helpful in getting a grip on the many things this video editing software can do.

If you are a Vegas Movie Studio newbie you probably should view the basic tutorial movies first before tackling the webinar videos. 

You can watch the tutorials on-line or download the Adobe Flash .flv file for offline viewing. If you want to see the video in your phone or tablet you will need to convert that video format to one that you normally use.

Apple users, this means you. 

Most of the webinars focus on the Vegas Pro line of the software but many of the core tasks and features are the same.

This are some of the webinars that focus on the Vegas Movie Studio line:
The videos start automatically. If you are on a slow connection I'd say let pause the video to allow it to build a buffer area so that the video does not stutter or freeze. 

I got a lot of good ideas from the video, I liked the concept of placing a video inside of a photo frame and then transitioning to the actual video.

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