Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vimeo Film School - The Cure for So-So Video

Vimeo is so more that a video web host service. There is much goodness to be found and this is a resource that folks interested in web video ought to checks out.

Vimeo Film School
What Vimeo has done is to have a central place on their site where folks can learn about terms, techniques and best practices on creating good videos. This is a quick look at Vimeo Video School.

In Video 101 you get tips on getting a camera/camcorder, recording video and how to edit. This is an example of the getting a camera video.

Video 101: Choosing a Camera from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.

I will definitely be e-mailing links to this lesson because there is a hunger in the land. I'm telling you I can see the tablet folks starting to come across the hill. Android tablet video is on the way.

Not to mention all of the folks looking for a good $150 camcorder with good audio. OMG, so many lost souls out the land, I can't tell you.

For the DSLR folks there are tips for those that want to get started recording photos and HD video on a digital single lens reflex camera.

In the Featured Lessons section there is a bunch of good stuff on recording good audio, glossary of common terms, how to do slow motion and how to compose a shot.

What is cool is that not only do you get the lessons but there are challenges (aka homework) that you can practice and share with the community.

It is a good resource that needs to be promoted and shared. Tell a friend or the designated family member with a camcorder. This would be the person that you have to watch their hand held, shaky and hard to hear videos.

Please, get that person to watch.

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