Monday, July 16, 2012

Be Willing To Kill Bad Frames

There is an expression in writing called kill your darlings. It means that no matter how much you like a piece of writing or a character in your story if it doesn’t work then you have to remove it.

I had a similar problem with this video. The audio was okay but as I was walking up to the stage the video was jerky. People were walking in front of the camcorder.  It was a mess.

I was trying to save the audio. I had about 50 seconds of bad video. I tried inserting title cards.  Extracting stills from the video and trying to cut between the performance and the stills. I even tossed in a blur to give it some mystery.

It was all crap.  Tricks do not always work.

So, had to think about what I could do with the good part of the video. Keep it simple. Fade into it, let the performer have at it and get out.

No tricks, no effects and a shorter better video is much better than a longer crappy one. 

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