Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quick Look at Pond5 Stock Media

Every once in a while you should check an advertisement. I’ve seen commercials for Pond5 for royalty free audio and video content that you can re-use as you like. Royalty free meaning you find what you like, pay for it and not have to worry about the RIAA trying to take your home or savings from you later on.

Why Would I Want to Do This?

Well, you might have one of the following needs:
  • A video introduction/closing
  • A theme song
  • A specific audio effect that you don’t have time to search
  • Educational – maybe you are creating an lesson plan that involves audio and video.
  • A rush job you have to finish and it needs a little boost that fits your budget.

For Users

If you need music for your video and you don’t want to go to the usual free resources then this can be an option. If you need it for a business video it is a safe option. Basically you purchase a license to use the stock media and then do with it as you will, short of trying to sell it as your own stock media.

Currently you can select content such as sound effects, music, photos and illustrations, Adobe After Effects project and templates and stock video footage.

You get what you pay for; prices range from $2 on up. As the quality of the media goes up so does the price. They do have the freebie of the week but it isn’t that hard to find what you are looking for.  You can search the gallery or you can just browse.

You set up an account, select what you want and purchase the media file. I hear some of you out there grumbling about the price. Keep in mind that you might pay $79 for a video clip but if it is exactly what you want when you need it then it can save you money.

For Creators
Opportunity is where you find it and Pond5 is actually asking for new material.  I did a search for trolly cars, as in light rail, subway surface and traditional public transportation cars. If you are not in San Francisco you have an opportunity fill in a gap in their coverage.

According to the selling information page you get 50% commission of the sale’s price of the stock media.

Before you upload everything you ever recorded be sure to read the video requirements page before you even think about sending them content. They are looking for professional level created videos that meet certain technical standards.

You must also have a model release for anyone that appears in the video.There are other considerations as well.

If you can provide the content that the site requires this could be an additional income stream. Anyway, go check them out. It cost nothing to look around and it might give you some ideas that can inspire your own videos.

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