Monday, July 30, 2012

Things to Remember In Travel Mode

I'm in travel mode so posting is gonna be light for a few days.  I'm hunting for cables, looking for power cords and wondering where the heck is the memory card case. I've done this a few times and I can tell you to keep it simple. I have experience to back me up.

Make a frigging list of what you are taking. It can be on a 3x5 card. Make the list so that you know what you have packed and what to bring back home.

Packing Your Gear

Don't forget the camcorder. I've done this. I had promised to take video and my camcorder was 2,500 away at home. I had to buy a new one in a city I did not know. That kind of adventure you don't want to experience.

Power and Charging Cords

The JVC has a proprietary plug. The Samsung.has a non-removable battery that has to be charged via a USB plug or by computer. I have a standard definition SD camcorder whose plug I haven't seen in god known when.

Need the extension cords because most of my cameras only record one hour on battery power. If there is a socket along the baseboard it is mine, mine I tell you!

Ethernet Cables

Yeah, yeah you got your Wi-Fi device. Me too. I am going to New York to meet up with 4,000 women of BlogHer who also have Wi-Fi devices. I'm also taking my netbook. I know at some point we are gonna crash the hotel Internet Wi-Fi. We've done it before.

Memory Cards

You can't have too many memory cards but you might want to make sure that they are empty of content. Many stores now sell memory cards but if you are near a tourist area they will jack the price of those suckers up. Please don't pay $40 for a 4GB card.


I have a small one for tables and a collapsible one that can extend 50 inches. Very light to travel with but you probably should pack a larger tripod in the luggage.

External Microphone

Digging for my Zoom H1 and batteries for that device. I only have two hands so it might become a bra mike or clench it in my mouth. Something.

Lemme see, lens cleaner, small notebook, labels on stuff so I know it is mine.  Recycle bags for extra padding. I'm forgetting something but I'll remember it someplace over Colorado.

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