Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Glossary - Export A Video

To export a video is to prepare the video in a format that can be seen or shared with other people. You have choices. You can save to a :
  • DVD or BlueRay disc
  • USB stick or Memory Card for use in a television set/media player/tablet
  • Upload to a web hosted server and stream to your viewers
  • Upload to a distribution service like Vimeo or YouTube
Making a choice might require you to prepare the video in a particular file format that balances the needs of a quality viewing experience with the size of the file and the device or service receiving that file. 

For example, if you want to export the video to create a DVD version you would select the .mpg video format.

If you wanted to export video to a Windows phone then you might want to save that video in the .wmv format or a format compatible with that device.

If you going to upload to a video host or distribution service you generally have to upload video in the .mp4 format. There are exceptions, but .mp4 is currently the best option at this time.

Decisions, decision...
How will you share your video?

What will you use to export your video? Many consumer video editing programs do a good job of helping you export to the standard formats. 
If your video editing program does not export to the video format that you need what are your other options?
Answering the questions before you export can improve the quality of your video and save you time when it comes to uploading.

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