Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pinnacle Studio 2.0 for iPad Video Editor

As most of you know, Avid sold the Pinnacle line of video editing applications to Corel.  There was an app for iPad users called Avid Studio. It is now Pinnacle Studio 2.0 for iPad that is now in the Apple Apps Store.

For those people on a iPad 2 and higher this is a very good thing. It is now a freebie packed with features. Finding the product information outside of the Apple iOS is a little confusing. Avid, at the time of this post, is still hosting the Pinnacle information but it is a Corel product. 

This is what I want on the Android and Windows tablet side of the fence. You can do storyboard and timeline editing. You can record from the cameras or load your own stuff. You can do voice-overs. You then can send it up to your video web hosting service.

All on the tablet for free?  I'm feeling a bit of envy.

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