Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quick Look at Zamzar Online Conversions

I’m not a big fan of online conversion services. Most have limits as to what you can upload or the types of files it can upload. That is just me. You, on the other hand, might need to have a file converted as soon as possible. Zamzar could be of help. This could be especially attractive to mobile device users.

Zamzar Conversion Screen
Zamzar has a free and paid service for converting video, audio, document and photo files. Looking at the list of video formats it seems impressive.

I can’t list all of them but some of the pesky file types are:
  • .MOV to .AVI
  • .ASF to .MOV
  • .WMV to .MOV
  • .MOV to WMV
  • .MOD to .AVI
  • .MOD to .MOV
  • .RM to Almost Anything else
Using the free service you are limited to 100MB upload. You can use that 100MB however you want; for example, if you upload two files those video files have to be 50MB a piece.

People who record in HD video need to be mindful of this limitation. If you are on a limited mobile data plan you really have to be mindful of the limitation.

Free users will see ads. You should also know that free conversions take a backseat to the paid conversions. Not to mention that if you are on DSL your uploads speed could ridiculously slow.

You should have basic skills in knowing how to download a file from a web page or how to unzip a Zip file. Most of the newer operating systems have that as part of your operating system. If it doesn't you will have to go get something like WinZip and install it.

There are monthly subscription plans depending on your needs. The pricing is fair, if you really need that much priority conversion action.

If you are a smart person you will read the Terms of Service to fully understand what you can and can’t do using Zamzar. Yes, you can convert YouTube videos. But you can’t necessarily convert copyright materials.

If you get my drift.

If you occasionally need to convert a small video file then Zamzar can be the go to place. For mobile device users on smartphones and tablets it might be just the thing to get that video to play on your device.

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