Thursday, September 20, 2012

Uploading Using Windows Live Movie Maker - Easy Does It

I have re-written this sucker far too many times. If I post what I have tried to condense it will be a painfully dull movie of the week. I never give up or surrender but I have to break this Windows Movie Maker 2011 export post into novice and pain in the A**part.

This is for the 2011 version. There is a new version of Movie Maker that is available at Microsoft. Pay attention to the name Windows Movie Maker.  The Slim Shady's of the world are trying to confuse people about which version is now new. Go to Microsoft's blog to get the straight scope. All others are just poop.

Harrumph. If it is true that the new version makes it much easier to export natively to .mp4 video that would be such a wonderful thing. Because you can't in the 2011 version. Which I spent six days trying to make easier to understand.

Well, on with the show. This is the easy push button social media version.

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011Vista or 2012 Windows 7

If you want the easy no fuss method this post will do fine. But easy isn't always what you need. Just saying, The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

This is the version that operates on Vista and Windows 7. Y'all Windows 8 folks are SOL (Stone out of luck). The software had a total revision and orientation toward new and inexperienced users. This is a good thing. Unless you have yet to adapt to the Ribbon bar.

Windows Live Movie Maker Ribber Bar

Windows Live Movie Maker is a huge improvement over the prior version. It is stable. It will edit videos. You have some neat effects.

But exporting that video? Grrrr. I say that because I know what is coming in the other posts.

Devil's Play Toy

WLMM saves video natively in the .wmv format. The problem is, many web hosts have stopped accepting uploads in the .wmv format.  YouTube is one of the few that will still accept .wmv but I couldn’t say for how much longer.

On the Home Tab look to the far right corner and look for the box "Publish Movie on the Web." If you have a Microsoft Sky Drive account you can upload video to an online storage account.

You can upload to Facebook, of course being mindful of the Facebook upload requirements such as it must be between 9x16 to 16x9 aspect ratio. It wants mp4, however it will accept .wmv.

If you have a YouTube account you can enter your account information as well as other descriptive information and allow the program to upload the video for you.

Windows Live Groups I know nothing about. I'm guessing it is Microsoft's version of Google+ and Facebook. Wait, that has changed. It is now geared to smaller groups and families that access data using SkyDrive. So if you have a SkyDrive account you are good to go.

You can upload to Flickr. Flickr has limitations and conditions on what you can and can't do. I wrote about Flickr for Video Uploads in August 2012.

This is the easy way. It ain't perfect. 
  • You have no control over the bit rate or the type of audio it sends over. 
  • You might not like the compression applied to the video or audio on the other side. 
  • You will not be able to preview the video to catch those last bugaboos that wait for tired eyes.
  • There could be a glitch and you video winds up in limbo land. 
But it is easier. Trust me.

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