Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Education Videos, CPG Grey and His Take on Copyright

In the early days of broadcast American television there was a serious attempt at educational programing. There were TV shows for those trying to get their GED, learn a language and even classical music appreciation.

These programs were stuff into the early morning hours during the week or on Sunday mornings. From what I remember, most were talking heads with a blackboard or lectures with maps.

The intent was sincere but often they were dull as a butter knife. I don't want to disrespect that programing. It was hi-tech at the time. It was an attempt to honor the desire to use television to open education to all people.

That intent lives on; there is a growing wonderful class of Pro/Am Science and History Vloggers and people that creatively use web video to educate. John Green on History, Veritasium on atoms and the stars, Hank Green on Science, Vi Hart on Math, and the subject of this post, CPG Grey.

First, let us have a taste of what CPG Grey does with a concept or historical topic. This is his take on the origin of U.S. copyright and the long distance consequences extending the protection period.

The bashful Mr. Grey (he does not appear or wished to be seen in public) uses stick drawings, public domain images, graphics and text to convey historical information about the UK and the U.S.

I wasn't going to pass up a good explanation of  the beginnings of U.S. copyright law but last night I fell into his blog and started watching his videos.

How does he do this? Did he get the fact right? Is there a good balance of information and presentation? For the most part, heck yeah.

Because 15 hours later I still remember a convoluted process how to get elected the mayor of the City of London which is not the same as London, UK.

That is the thing. Will your audience remember what you were trying to convey long after they watched the video?

Much to do, so very much to do.

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