Monday, October 8, 2012

Monosnap for Screen Image Captures

If you are doing any kind of computer instruction, demonstration or tutorial blogs or videos you need a screen capture program. Currently I use SnagIt by TechSmith because it has a lot of features such as the blur a section of the image, arrows galore and some photo-editing option. It is not free but worth the money.

For those of you that are fiscally challenged you might need another option. Monosnap is an application that works on the Mac and Windows operating system. It doesn't do everything that SnagIt can but do but it might be worth your time to check it out.
  • Ability to blur.
  • Highlight sections of an image.
  • Customize the area of a capture
  • Store the image on your computer or in a Monosnap cloud storage. 
Why everybody wants to place their stuff in cloud storage confuses me but that is another story. This seems to be a version 1.1 of the software so expect that things may or may not go according to plan.

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