Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick Look at Nikon Coolpix S01

There is small and there is, perhaps, too darn small. Not sure how to measure the Nikon Coolpix S01 but if you hear a rattle in the washing machine you might have your answer.

Nikon was late to the game when it came to point and share cameras. Took them a while to add video recording to their product line. This is another attempt to attract consumers. The first thing you notice? It is small.

This is a video review by Engaget:

You know, for an impromptu recording this could be workable. With a lot of work and practice. But first, let's look at the specs.

 Video Relevant Specifications
  • 10.1 megapixel CCD image sensor
  • 3x wide-angle zoom NIKKOR lens (29-87mm equivalent)
  • HD: 1280x720p at 30fps SD: 640x480 at 30fps
  • Video is in MP4 H.264 and yes, it does record audio
  • 7.3 GB internal memory, no memory card slot.

At $149 it is a bit pricey for what you get. And to me there are some logistics programs that you are going to have a hard time solving.

Problem 1 How to steady yourself so that you will not be shaking. I didn't seen anything in the specs about image stabilization. I reviewed the specs at the Nikon site, either there isn't any or somebody forgot to type it in.

No stabilization isn't necessarily a bad thing. After a couple a blurry videos you might be inspired to either stand still or rest it on an object. You would have to learn the old school method of tucking in and holding your breath as you snap a photo. Not sure what you'd have to do for video.

Problem 2 Your hands. If you have large hands or digits this is not the camera for you. If you don't like resistive touchscreens this is not the camera for you.

Problem 2a How do you hold it? Where is the Mic hole and how do you keep your fingers from covering it?

Problem 3 Portability. As is, if you are not careful this rascal will be ported away by person or persons unknown. Or you forget it in a pants pocket. That probably won't happy with the pink one.

Problem 4 Internal storage. Non-removable internal storage. I had a camera like that once. If I wasn't extremely careful I could loose photos if the battery charge died. That was a long time ago. Nikon must have worked out a solution if you drain the battery. Right?

I don't want to hate on it. Not in love with it either. I've tried touch screen cameras and they are not for me. Yet with a resistive touch screen that might be an advantaged.

I think there is a market for it. I know that hikers, campers and travelers are always on the look out for a small camera that takes good photos and videos.

I can see it as a simple way to record short videos. They would have to short because you only have about 7GB of internal storage.

I would expect a sale or two around the impending holiday season of doom. If it dips around $89 or lower it might be a consideration.

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