Monday, November 5, 2012

A Look At Using Comic Creator for Video

I have a life long love of comic books and graphic novels. When I was in Fry's I glanced at a software package called Comic Creator. The price was right, somewhere around $19; I don't remember but I got it.
Example of a comic book template

One of the bonuses of the program is that it will let you export your comic to a .wmv file. It is bone simple. You drag a comic book template on to the workspace.

You can use the built in assets of clip art, backgrounds or people or you can import your own photos or drawings. You can add the speech balloons if you want and make it look like a page of your dream book.

Anyway, after you construct your page you can then go to the animation section where you select the order that the screen pans on the page. You can change the order or overlap cells if you want. This can lead to a lot of interesting possibilities.

After you get the page the way you want it you can export it out as a Windows video file, a wmv. Now there are some limitations. One page is going to be a short video. You have choices to the size of the video but not to the aspect ratio - there are ways to get around that outside of the program.

One of the things I can see using the program is to populate some of the cells with photos and then bring it into a video editing program that will let you do picture in picture so you could have a video in one cell with the animated cells moving in the background.

Or you could save the page as a png file and use your video editing program's pan and scan feature to come up with some low rent motion graphics.

What I really liked was how quickly I could come up with a video. It was a short one but it worked. The animation was exported out as an wmv then I brought it into Serif MoviePlus X6 to add the titles and the audio.

From idea to video about 40 minutes. This software has possibilities.

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