Friday, November 2, 2012

Basic VloMo 2012 Skills

I think it is necessary for folks to know how to make a simple video. That is why I've been slugging at this blog for a while. I also think women should use video to get their points of view out in the public discourse. That can be risky but it is necessary.

So I hope that I can get folks to try to participate in VloMo 2012 as a way to test the water. No, it isn't going to be like the old videoblogging days. It can't be.

The technology has changed. The use of video on the Internet has changed. Pretty soon there will be an app that makes it easier for folks to collaborate via video and create a new type of video social networking.

There should be an element of fun and community but some days it seems it is the bum rush to monitization.

Yet, I feel like a cheerleader for a down team.

So let me break it down as to what you can do to participate in VloMo 2012. Honest, this will be quick cuz I gotta go to work.

  1. A recording device which could be a smartphone, digital still camera video, tablet or camcorder.
  2. An idea you want to express, an observance that is being missed by the naked eye or a memory you want to record.
  3. A video distribution service like YouTube or Vimeo to upload your video.
  4. Use hastag #vlomo2012 on Twitter or

That is all you need.

30 seconds is fine. A minute is groovy but it is up to you. Check out the VloMo 2012 Gallery to see what some folks are doing.

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