Thursday, November 8, 2012

Social Media Video 2013 by Eric Qualman

Author Eric Qualman is a person that understands the relationship between social interactions, people and money. He also knows that video can inform huge groups of people with targeted information.

The Social Media 2013 video can help you understand and appreciate how many people are engaged in communicating with each other.

Mr. Qualman has a website called Socialnomics, it is about how social media is changing our buying and communication behaviors and the profitability of paying attention. 

This seems to be a credible site, there are facts, statistics that can be verified outside of his site and citations, i.e. "how does he know that?"

I generally shy away from people who state they are social media experts because the bad ones are trying to blow smoke up my ass.

If you have the time you should visit the website.

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