Wednesday, November 7, 2012

YouTube Analytics for Your Video

YouTube provides a lot of information about who is watching your videos. If you haven't checked out the Analytics page you are missing out on some free and valuable information.

This is one of my videos about a media player I own that also records video. In the above example, I have selected the lifetime views of the video as the range.

I've got viewers in Brazil and Turkey? Cool! The growth of mobile viewing is also important, especiallly if I want make sure content is viewable on mobile screens.

This is just the Summary page. You have the option to dive deeper:

The video viewership is broken down by country, gender and age distribution. This is powerful information. It provides opportunities for think about how can I reach a certain group? Can I present content more clearly? What did I do to cause folks to stop watching?

You want to ask yourself those kinds of questions.

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