Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quick Look at JVC GZ- VX700

Retail stores can't carry everything which is why I like to go directly to a vendor web site to check out the action. The JVC GZ-VX700 has what most people want, a small body, touch screen and a better ability to record in low light situations.

Yes sir, that F1.2 lens on a camcorder is going to allow you to record indoors, in challenging lighting situations. Don't expect crystal clarity but it will give you a bit more wiggle to get the shot.

Provided that you don't wiggle. Or move. Or jiggle.

I like to look at the specifications of a device but this time let's look at the specs m via the icons that will be on the box.

Starting from the top left corner:

WiFi - this device can used as a WiFi transmitter. You can download an Android or iOS app to use this camcorder to transmit video to your phone or tablet.

You could also transfer the video to your video distribution service. If you have sufficient bandwidth.

Full HD - this camcorder records in 1920x1080p

1080p Output - This seems redundant.

AVCHD - videos are recorded in this format. Most of the current video editing programs now accept AVCHD so this should no longer be an issue. If you have an older video editing program then it may or many not recognize this file format.

Super LoLux - JVC states that their sensor is"back illuminated" to provide better low light recording. The sensor is a receiver of light. The sensor worth with the lens.

F1.2 Lens - the lens is the pipeline that the light moves through to hit the sensor. Keep in mind, this is a small device. The sensor isn't that big to begin with so the lens on this camcorder is a help but it can't work total miracles.

O.I.S. - Optical Image Stabilization - yes, this can be a help to steady hand motion while holding the device. It won't eliminate it. If you are recording a dance or sporting event you are gonna want a tripod.

Advance Image Stabilization -  probably their term for digital image stabilization. For distance recordings you still are gonna need a tripod.

Frameless Touch Panel LCD - all of the controls are touch based. 

Wide Angle - This lens has a 38mm wide angle view making it easy to compose group shots and to record urban canyons of skyscrapers. Or mountains. What ever floats your boat.

Intelligent Audio - the device figures out the best way to record audio for the environment.

Face Recognition - point a face at it and it will make sure it is in focus.

LED Light - it could help but unless you are miner 49 I'd wouldn't use it. It might be too much or not enough. There is no way to adjust the light so you take your chances.

HD/SD Recording - this is a a feature most camcorder have had for years now.

SD Memory Cards - SDXC, SDHC and you really don't want to use a SD card in this but you can.

HDMI - can be used with HDMI devices

K2 Technology - their proprietary software that is suppose to restore audio after compression.

Once you filter of the marking gunk this is a good camcorder. I can see it for families that are active, group activities, for educational use, or just in time recording. For those people recording real estate for landscape type videos the wide angel capability of the lens is a definite plus.

It does have an 10x optical zoom so that works for me. I'm not a fan of touch screens so I bring that bias to the table but others love them. I'd say if you are making a transition from recording on your phone to this device then this is a good option.

At $399 it is a bit pricey but if you can make the Wi-Fi thing work for you then it might be a good investment.

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