Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Education or Video Advocacy

A few days ago I listed sources where you could find info on creating advocacy videos. Education is the highest form of advocacy. You help another person understand their world and their place in it or you help another being make their life better.

It is a grand time for education bloggers. They are doing wonderful work and I bow at their collective greatness. This is a video from C.G.P Grey about a topic that can get folks worked up a bit; the United States budget and the Debt Limit aka fiscal cliff.

Advocacy takes all forms and one of those forms it to help to create a educated baseline of discussion.That is what a good teacher does; here are the facts (as we know them at the time) and this is a cause and effect kind of deal.

C.G.P Grey does this with animation, a wee bit of humor and facts. It is a fact that Congress is hip deep involved in the budget and the porking there of. (that was my opinion.)

Your viewers, and a good chunk of C/G/P Grey viewers (based on the comments I kinda wished I didn't read) may not believe you or accuse you of having directional leanings.

Here is the thing. If the information can be verified and replicated outside of your believe system there is a good chance it is the truth. Which isn't always the same as a fact.

It is tricky. I think he does a very good job of communicating a dry process.

If you are thinking about any form of education, resource or info-blogging you are gonna be roasted at some point.

You will have no control over what people think of your video. You do have control over the quality and the responsibility of getting it right (factually)

When in doubt, be true to your school and get it out there.

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