Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Trail That Lead Me to Boss Jock Studio App

Here is my tiny example of how social media among trusted people work. I was on Twitter. One of my friends mentions this video by Ray Ortega of the Podcasters Studio blog.

Boss Jock Studio is a Apple iOS podcasting application that allows you to do real time narration and music mixing.

I know I supposed to talk about video. You can't talk about video without good audio.

For some folks, laying down the narration and music is a more effective way to work. You have what you want to say and then they match the video to the audio.

I swing either way. 

Do I even have to say I want a video version?  On Android? It isn't free but at $9.99 it sure is pretty.

Anyway,  I'm curious as to who is Ray Ortega so I follow the breadcrumbs to his blog and there is much of interest over yonder.

And that is how this social media thing works.

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