Monday, January 21, 2013

Video Block and the Voice Within

Resource blogs tend to want to help people do things or learn a topic. It is more appliance of skills than thought and reflection. I certainly tend to focus that way; there is so much to do and learn. But what are we doing it for?

I mean, there is a whole squadron of folks who want to monetize their videos. They will tell you that in no uncertain terms. There are others that want to do good work and understand that the profit from their labor will come.

There are people that make family videos; this is important to do because some of our family members are on their way to their transitions. They know stuff.

Last week I read a post at a middle age blog site that wanted to know if the readers wanted to start posting videos on their experience going through the passage.

Yes! Excellent. 

I also know that there aren't going to be a lot of responses. If asked, and I have done this on my own, the responses come down to "I don't know how" and/or "I'm no one that has anything important to say."

The first I can help with but the second, takes a lot of convincing.

We all have a voice that is unique. There are current events that need our point of view. We have the power to give our perspective.

Yet I have to be honest. It isn't easy. Not if it is important to you to get it right. 

Yesterday I wanted to respond to a current debate about an issue. Doesn't matter when you read this because I'll almost always have a response to a current issue.

Six flipping hours later I had nothing.

Writers block my foot. I had Video block. Or Creativity block. 

I was blocked up, okay?

I was so focused on getting it perfect that I couldn't do it at all. Not even write and I don't generally get Writer's block.

 I can tell you that there are hundreds of ways to deal with the block. But only one way will work for you.

For me, after six hours I walked away. Made Ginger Tea. Slept on it. Woke up with the following words "if you have Writer's (Creativity) block then work your way around the block."

This can mean: 
  • look for inspiration in other types of videos that are unrelated to what you want to do
  • developing the concept more, 
  • make an outline or mind map
  • gathering more images or audio, 
  • make the shell of the video first; i.e. make the titles and end credits
 Most of all, it is okay to fail. Or, it is okay to spend time learning what not to do.

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