Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Calendar of Tales Storytelling Project

Can digital storytelling save a once mighty corporation? No, but it might be enough to keep people engaged and talking. Neil Gaiman and BlackBerry have teamed up to have a participatory year long story telling project called A Calendar of Tales.

Here is a promotional video of Neil Gaiman talking a little bit about storytelling and an invitation to join him on this adventure

By participatory this means you, should you be up to the challenge, get to submit ideas, themes and whatnot via Twitter.

I have no great love of mobile phones, on the list of things to un-invent this would be in my top twenty.  So no, I'm not a flunky for BlackBerry.

I am a supporter of digital storytelling in any and all forms. Part of this deal is that there will be videos of Mr. Gaiman talking about his process and how he will incorporate user generated content.

Yes, I do believe I could make time to watch those videos.

So if you are curious visit the project's web site. If you are a BlackBerry user your suffering and loyalty may be rewarded at last.

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