Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Glance at TouchEdit iPad App

Mercy, they just keep a coming but this video editing application might be what you want if you lean toward the professional side of the fence. TouchEdit is a time-based video editing for iPad 2 or higher running iOS 6.

Yes, time code editing using your fingers.

If you don't know what time code is that might be a clue that this isn't for you. I'm not being intentionally snarky.  Time code is a series of numbers or time points that can be embedded in traditional film and video. It can also be done digitally.

With time code you can precisely find and edit a certain section of a shot. Professional video editing requires the use of time code editing.

This product is designed for people that want to get a jump on an editing project. This is the first version of the App.

You should probably read the iTunes feature page, If you have experience with old school analog editing experience this might be what you have been looking for to jump in on iPad video editing.

This software isn't really for tech phobes who want to be guide through the editing process. At $50 for an app you want to be sure before you give this a go. This is version 1.0 so keep that in mind. If it works at base level it will only get better. If not, you are out $50 bucks. (03/07/2013 update, the price in the App Store is now $24.99, subject to change at a moment's notice.)

But for those of us that want some power and more control for iPad video editing this looks mighty tasty.

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  1. I wonder if TouchEdit can do more than 2 layers of video tracks. - Adrian,

    1. I did search but I couldn't find confirmation of how many video tracks. They app seems to handle multiple audio tracks but I have to see it in real time to know for sure.


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