Friday, March 15, 2013

PhotoCat for Creating Simple Channel Art - Part 3b

You have an image for your YouTube Channel Art but it just needs a little tweaking, a bit of spice or a touch of bling. You don't have a desktop photo editing software and you wouldn't know how to use it if you had one.

Not to worry. There are dozens of online photo editing applications where you can upload a photo or image file, spice it up and download a finished channel banner or poster.

For total newbies, I would recommend PhotoCat which you can access via the web or with an iPhone device.

You can upload an image and then customize it like add a border:

You can re-size an image:

If you can use a mouse and can upload and download an image file that is about as much as skill as you need to known to use this service.

Hmm, too simple? You need to combine photos?

Don't touch that dial.

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