Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Shift in the Force - Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

I haven't done a camcorder or camera review lately. There wasn't anything that caught my eye, made me flutter or cause me to re-check the bank account for permission. Smartphones decimated the Point and Share category.

Standard camcorders are evolving slowly but manufacturers are not innovating. The sensor is still tiny and no major vendor is going to innovate without cash money assurance that it will be successful. That isn't how innovation works.

My ennui was so bad I was walking past clearance camcorders with a disinterested glance.

And then, my eyes cast upon this beauty and my heart began to sing again. This is the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

It is not a digital still camera. It records video.
It is the size of a Micro 4/3 camera and can take those lens too.
It has a sensor about the size of a 16mm camera. We are talking a huge honking sensor in the size of a compact camera body.

External mic jack, yes.
HDMI out, yes
Standard battery, yes.

You can record video in ProRes 422 or CinemaDNG RAW and then go where you want with it.

Is it a consumer level camera? No not really. It is $995 to start and that doesn't include a lens. You would have to make sure that you have a pro-level video editing software that can accept the video like Final Cut Pro, Sony Pro line of video editing software, AVID; stuff like that.

You will be investing in new storage options cuz this camera demands it.

It is a game changer because if the video and form factor works there is gonna be a bum rush by manufactures to clone or be inspired to create their own version of this camera.  And they will have to do it at either a lower price point or up the quality by +3.

Either way, the professionals and those of us on the other side will be the winners. Video from this camera will be in commercials, demos and feature films. It is small, light and on the pro side of the fence inexpensive.

Hell yeah I want it but I don't need it just yet. I'm in observation mode. I need to know that it isn't vaporware or a marketing person getting ahead of R&D.

If you want to take a look at video shot with this device check out John Browley's recording of a local farmer's market. It is after he processed it. You can view the ungraded version as well.

Might have to start counting pennies, just in case.

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