Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pre-Ramble on Android Video Creation Tools

Those of us on the Android side of the fence may feel pangs of envy when looking at the software apps of the iOS world. With good reason, there is some wonderful, functional creation apps in that realm.

However, for a multiplicity of reasons, we are Androidians. And with some of the new inexpensive smartphones and tablets about to flood the market there are going to be millions more Android users.

People want to create and they will use what they have in their hands. I think it is time to go a little deeper into Android video creation tools.

Before you can create a video or a visual story you have to be aware of equipment issues. The equipment issues are directly connected to the apps. It can happen that you download an app that cannot work with the device.

Some apps will work better on a phone than on a tablet and vice versa. Many will require an active connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi or phone service. You want to know this before your install anything.

Things to Be Aware Of

Operating System 
There are different versions of the Android software. The current version at the time of this posts is Jellybean 4.2 and climbing. If your operating system is Gingerbread 2.3 or older back to Eclair 2.0 you are probably locked out of many of the current video creation apps.

For people on older operating systems you may have to look at web apps for creation software. I will add some of those apps as a resource.

Intended Device
Many of the applications are intended for a specific device, such as a smartphone. It might work on a tablet but it wasn't necessarily designed for tablet users. Before installation read the details about the software.

Your Device May Not be Up to Snuff
That smartphone you got at a great price might be just what you need for Facebook or Twitter. It might not be able to handle some of the video creation or story telling tools in the market place.

In the coming months, major manufactures will release 2nd tier versions of their tablets. Something has to give to get that lower price point. Single CPUs, lower resolutions and cheap body builds come to mind.

I've seen $99 tablets in office supply stores that are going to get some of the Frugalistas thinking about buying it. (Don't do it!) In addition, there are Asian vendor knock-off tablets that are using the Android phone operating system inside of the tablets. Not the same thing as the operating system designed for a tablet.

The CPU is what is going to snag most people. Your device might only be able to do one thing at a time. And it will do it slowly. That El cheapo phone or tablet can cost you time and frustration.

For example:

On my knock-off tablet, I have Android 4.0 using a phone version of the operating system with a single CPU/core processor.
  • Plays .mp4 movies well. 
  • Low demand apps works fine.
  • Connecting to the Internet, slow but crashed if web site has multiple things going on. 
  • Some browsers do not work, or cannot display videos from YouTube and other sources.
  • High demand apps crashed on regular basis.

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls
There are other Android app vendors markets besides Google Play and Amazon. If you are not an experienced user or you don't want to invest time learning how to remove malware stick with the know app stores.

As a rule, I like going directly to a vendor's web site. I also check out the app store reviews.There should be some type of public presence of the app. Has it been reviewed by a tech magazine or web site? Are people grumbling about it in Android forums?

If something goes wrong you have a backup and restore feature on your device?

You do back that stuff up, right?

My point in all of this is I want you to know what your device can and can't do before you get started creating.

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