Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Animoto - Android Video Creation Tools

It is a fact that there are not as many quality video creation apps for Android users compared to iOS users. I spend a great deal of time plowing through Google Play just to locate function apps that work.

It is a challenge. It should not be this hard to find apps that work or do not shove ads down your throat to constantly upgrade as you are creating the video.

Ok, gripe over for now.

Let's start with a known quality web app that has an Android version. Animoto is a web app that let you combine your content to create a new video. The Android app works almost identically to the web app.

So Who Is Animoto For? 

I can see a lot of uses for this software and so can the folks at the site; documenting travel, a project status, wedding videos and other business uses.

For bloggers and vloggers who are:
  • Busy people who want to create but don't have time or technical skills
  • Creative people who want to prototype on the run
  • Bloggers who need an occasional video
  • People who do not want to edit video but need to produce a good looking project.
I am going to use the web app for examples because trying to locate a quality Android screen capture app is equally as frustrating.

Animoto Styles Screen

You can select your style that will act as the background accent to your video. Next, you select the content you want to use in your project. You can use photos and video from your device or hook up to your photos web service in addition to Facebook stored photos.

Animoto accepts a variety of audio, photo and video file types. You will need to have an understanding of file size; there is a limit of 400MB for video. 

I would prep the photos before hand to get them as lean as possible for upload, especially if you are on a slow or metered connection. You can caption the photos but if you want full size titles you'll need to create your own title cards in a photo editing program.

Animoto Mixing Screen

The free version limits you to a 30 second video. You can share with various social services but cannot download it on your system for additional tweaking. It will be about 480p in resolution.

Those in the know can figure out a way to get around this but it might not be worth it. 

The Plus and Pro versions allow you to download, remove the logo and give you more styles and music options.

You can preview your work before creating the video. Badda bing, you have a video. 

For a free app is works very well. Within the limitations you really can create a good video. If you want to spring for the paid versions you have a viable creation tool on your hands.

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