Monday, July 15, 2013

Creating Poetry Videos - Beginnings

Reinvention. What is next on the path? How about a neglected art form? If there is any creative activity that is suited to web video it is poetry. And no, this is not the stuff that was crammed down your throat in school.

A definition is tricky. Most people think it is a poet standing in front of a microphone facing a video or film camera is all that is needed. It can be. It does not have to be done that way. It can be a collaboration like the above video with Joshua Stewart and Fraser Jones.

It can be found objects, text narratives, photo slide shows, experimental or intentionally vertical videos. It can be anything you can conjure if the end result is a poem.

Don't believe me? You should check out Moving Poems where I found the above video and other video poems that got me to thinking. I always seem to be thinking but, just like the hair and beauty vloggers, there may be specific creation tools that poets can use to create their own work.

Most of you have that tools within the reach.of your hand. I will be honest, it might take a tad more time that composing a poem. Which can take months and years for some folks.

It won't take that long. But it will require a shift in process.  I think I can propose some entry level tools and resources to get folks started.

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