Sunday, August 18, 2013

Four Questions That Can Help You Make A Better Video

This is a world of instant coffee, instant dinners and now instant video. Click, record, upload. Yes, you don't need to think about making a video anymore. Magic can happen surreptitiously. 

And yet, people still like the slow brew, nurtured, full flavored coffee, dinners and video.

It is a process. It doesn't have to be complicated. It starts with questions that you make time to answer. Those answers can guide you to making a video in a coherent and timely manner.

Not a simple question.

A birthday video for a child is not the same as one for an adult. Recording a dance recital requires different needs than a personal narrative video. Clarifying what you want to do sets the path to the next question.

What do you have to work with? Web Cam videos are great for personal narratives and Google Hangouts, not so good for a party video. A point and share camcorder or mobile phone is good for an outside party, not so good for an indoor lecture in poor light.

Referring back to Question 1, if you know that you want to do a certain kind of video that need has to match up with what you currently have available.

What you want and what you have needs to balance with Time. This sucker is a killer of more dreams and good intention that the world will ever know. You will constantly fight against time. You can get the upper hand if you know what you want, focus on it and have what you need to get it done.

Those of us that have day jobs, obligations and other time sucks have to be really cautious about making sure that we don't lose time fumbling about trying to backtrack to make something work.

That can be painful. Reduce the pain by also being aware of other resources.

You may have other resources can help you make your video.

For example; a service like Animoto can take your still photos and video and make that birthday video for you. You might want to consider a service like WeVideo, Stupeflix or FlixPress to help you get a finished video in a short amount of time.

There are pros and cons; the pros are that it is fast, easy and you will get something that folks might enjoy. It might not be a good option if this video is for business or commercial use. You have to read the terms of service to understand what you gain or lose if you use a video creation service.

If DIY is in you blood then you want to make sure that your video editing program is a good match for you, your equipment and your current skill set. You shouldn't have to fight with it to get what you want.

Take a moment to answer these questions. You'll have a better video.

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