Monday, July 22, 2013

New Export Options for Windows Live Movie Maker

I haven't looked at Windows Live Movie Maker for a while. It had been so long since they had made any changes to the product that I assumed it was locked in amber. There is so much going on that you forget to touch base and review program updates.

In the immortal words of Benny Hill, who probably nicked them from somebody else:

It is now easier to share your content using this video editing program. You might not need a conversion program to crowbar the video into a tablet or other devices. 

There has been a significant changes to the export options. Let's take a look.

This is the new export menu. There is a word that never appeared in the prior version of the program. I never expected to see it in a Microsoft product. The word is "Apple."

For the longest time, Microsoft refused to acknowledge the Apple format or products. Would not import or export to that format. Until now. The almost universal acceptance of video in the .mp4 format has helped moved them from the .wmv format.  This is a huge step for them.

Common Settings

Under the heading of common settings are options to export under specific file formats.

If you hoover your mouse cursor on top of the option you can see the display size, aspect ratio, bit rate and estimated file size per minute. What you will not see is the file format. You have to select the item and you will be able to see the file format in a Save window.

  • HD Display .mp4/H.264
  • Save To Computer .mp4/H.264
  • Burn a DVD  .wmv
  • For e-mail .mp4/H.264

Phone and Tablet Devices

New to the export menu are tablet and smartphone export options that are not entirely Windows based. There is even a setting for exporting to feature phone video.

Before you turn up your nose in disdain please remember that there are millions of potential viewers using feature phones around the world. They cannot view data intensive videos. This is an excellent option for those folks.

In Windows Live Movie Maker you now can export video compatible with Apple and Android devices.

For those of you that want to view your creations on your tablet devices or use those devices as a video delivery system this is your spot. Transfer the video to your device and then you can hook it up to a television or projector. What is not to love about that?

Video Web Host Services

Yes there are other web video hosts besides YouTube. Plenty of them. And almost all of them want video submitted in a specific bandwidth, bit rate and audio format.

SkyDrive isn't a web host; it is Microsoft's cloud storage. My understanding of this particular use of the service is that you could upload a video to the cloud and then view the video on a tablet or have other folks access the video from the cloud location.

Finally, you can also make your own custom settings or just extract the audio from the video.

I will have to review Windows Live Movie Maker again for other changes they might have updated to the program.

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  1. Sorry but my 2011 can NOT save in mp4, I am at present looking for a solution to this, which is why I came across your page here.
    How did you make it do that ?

  2. If you are using the 2011 version you can't. You have to update to the current version of the software 2012 version, Build 16.4.3522.0110 or higher

    It is now part of the Windows Essential package. Only download it directly from the Microsoft web site: on account there are a lot of spammy sites in the wild.

    I don't remember but I think you can choose just to download Movie Maker; unless you want all of the other features in the software.

  3. Gee!! Thanks for this! I was just jokingly searching for legit ways whether Microsoft's Movie Maker can be used to export mp4 and I found this blog. This is really of great help! :D

  4. I know this is an old post for you but I am beating my head against the wall. Running Vista, it doesn't appear MM12 is supported so I am stuck with MM 11. I do not see an "audio only" choice under "Save As". Is that correct or have I lost my mind? Thank you.

    1. Hmm, it has been a while since I have been on Vista or used the prior versions of WMM. I'm scratching on old memories here but there has always been a way to save audio in the modern version. Users could save audio as .wma or .wav depending on the version. This will do you no good if you want straight mp3. You'd have to get a converter or use software like Audacity to convert the file format. One good resource for old school WMM is

      I found the old Microsoft Vista WMM page with the sequence of:

      To publish a movie to your computer

      Click File, click Publish Movie.
      Click This computer, and then click Next.

      In the File name box, type a name for your movie.

      In the Publish to box, choose where you want to save your movie once it's published, and then click Next.

      Choose the settings (this could be where you could select audio) you want to use to publish your movie, and then click Publish.

      If you want to watch your movie after it has been published, select the Play movie when I click Finish check box.

      Click Finish.

      I hope these help.

  5. Hello. I am searching to find an answer to a Movie Maker problem. I was using the program in Windows 7 but when I upgraded to 10 the saved video files are huge. As an experiment I resaved an earlier video at the same settings. A 13.6K wimp file saves as a 397mb mp4 file in 7 but in 10 it saves at 1.38gb!! Have you ever come across this problem?

    1. Yeah, I have. I just upgraded to Win10 so I haven't had time to test out the WLMM running under it. Off the top of my head, I would suggest that you save the file with a slightly different name; this will force it to create the file from scratch and not pick up prior changes and updates. It is an old technique but it can be effective. So if you have the WLMP file as Red save the new version as Red002. Then try to export the vendor as an mp4. I'd also take a look at your selected export options, something had to change but it wasn't the software. MS isn't supporting it anymore but they haven't killed it as yet.

    2. Hello Gena. 11:23am where you are 6:01pm where I am. This is really annoying me as you can imagine. I was doing a series of videos for Youtube, everything going well then I upgrade and the next video is enormous. That is why I tried the experiment. I did save it with a new name as I did not want to risk the original smaller file. I can't find any mention of this problem on the internet so I thank you very much for your suggestions. I think that I will probably end up just buying another video editor. I don't need anything fancy, any suggestions.

    3. Sorry, didn't see this until late in the evening. There is Serif Movie Plus X6 which is easy to use and under $60. Another program I tested out was Magix Movie Edit Pro 2016, it is on sale for $49 but that ends on 01/04/2016 but they have sales often. I found a prior version to be an uphill battle but I think they have re-worked the user interface a bit. Sony Movie Studio is a really good option. One more is the free version of Adobe Premier Clip app for Android and iOS; if you can stand to edit via mobile this is an option. I'd check out the products on YouTube to get a sense of how they work and if you would be comfortable making the transition from WLMM.

  6. Hello again,
    I thought that you might like to know what Microsoft said, an actual person no less. My initial question brought a totally ludicrous answer from the supervisor so I was passed on to a Windows 10 expert. His answer was that 10 was a different platform and supported higher definition graphics so the files would be bigger!!! I asked why the same 13.6K project file when converted to MP4 in 7 was 397mb and in 10 was 1,380mb. Surely a conversion is a conversion and the graphics manipulation capability is irrelevant. Perhaps I am wrong, but I received no other answer than a repeat of the first one. I was not impressed to start with when their voice recognition couldn't even cope with an English accent.
    Anyway thank you for your help. I am going to try the Serif Movie Plus X6.

    1. You are right. There is no valid explanation for why a mp4 file would jump almost three times in size if all things were equal. The person you talked to didn't know the answer and punted the ball over the wall.

      I could see if you were talking about the project file; that is just a marker for where to find the video, audio and other assets. Those files can be small because they are just point the way for WLMM to gather the things needed to make the video.

      The actual video format mp4, wmv, the container .avi combines all of the fixings to make a video. That files size can be huge depending on the export options selected. Alas, since WLMM is going to the happy hunting ground we may never know. Glad I could help.

  7. Corel also has reasonable PGM, simplistic yet enough features for advanced basic editing and lots of export options.
    Also cheap.


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