Sunday, September 15, 2013

YouTube Warning Video About Buying Viewers

If you recall back in December 2012 a whole bunch of videos and well known companies got booted off of YouTube for juicing their viewer numbers by unethical means.

Apparently this has not stopped others from not only following in their footsteps but adding the old bait and switch. I have gotten similar emails offering to boost my viewership. No thank you. Like James Brown said, "I'll get it myself."

I think the above video is too simplistic but it gets the message across. Don't do it.

Not only will you stand the chance of getting caught and booted off the Tube but your name and reputation will be less than mud.

Do you really want to get Twitter flamed? Because trash will be talked about your low life attempt to keep me and others from my Whovian fix.

And you know how many Whovians are on the planet?

Not worth the risk.

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