Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BlipTV Will Delete Old Vlogger Video Content

If you were a video blogger that used or you participated in the Yahoo Videoblogging group then heads up. Go get your videos. Now. You have until November  7, 2013. I found out via a Twitter post. Some have received e-mails.

Here is a copy of the announcement:

You might have heard that was sold to a new company. The company wants to continue the focus on creating create serial web video content. Need that server space and well, you know the story.

Now, honestly you should have a back-up copy of your videos before you upload video to a web hosting service. Mine are scattered between CD/DVD/Hard Drive storage. So if I don't get them all I'm not going to be heart broken.

What is breaking my heart is some of the vlogs done by people no longer on the planet. Like Grumpy Old Man With AIDS. There is no one to rescue his work. It should be.saved. It will not be unless his family and friends have his work.

I have 300+ videos of poets, adventure in the city and other non-series content. This will get tricky because some of those videos are posted on other sites, with my consent. I'll have to track them down and switch to the new video hosting service.

Yikes! Each one tell another and get busy.

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  1. Gah! Thanks for posting this -- I do not have backups for some of my videos and I didn't seem to get this notice. I know what I'm doing today!!


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