Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blog Update and More From MOCAtv

It is a challenge. I do have ideas I'm trying to find time to write but the life, work, school, sleep balance is out of whack. My apologies. This does not mean that I don't have things to share.

 I do. I always do.

I dip back into MOCAtv for some interesting viewing. Let me first say that I'm not just slapping this up because I'm time crunched.

Well, yeah, I am but there are other reasons.

This blog talks about how to do web video but we don't really talk about the users. Who are also sometimes creators in other realms. Web video is used to inspire, educate, and solve problems. This is a really good example by artist Jason Meadows of how he uses web video.

Another reason I plunked it up is that I love how nature he is, how authentic. This is a real man, not a sparkle infused vampire zombie thing that is being amped up as desirable. I also want to call attention to the style of the video.

Which is a clue as to what I want to share with you the next time. Provided I can hide from all those that are pulling me this way and that.  Anyway, just musing and providing food for thought.

 Cheerio, hip, hip I'm running for the mothership.

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