Monday, October 14, 2013

Midterms, Downloading and Other Rambles

I'm just coming into the home stretch of my mid-term paper. It is a game of beat the clock and I'm about fifteen minutes behind scheduled. Still downloading my old videos from and I'm half way through 2006.

(Psst, you have until November 7, 2013 to download before it is going, going, gone.)

I am facing the fact that some of these videos cannot uploaded. Not only are they 320x240 but because of the various ways I compressed the videos they will not look good when I re-size them.

It is a puzzlement. I bought a Pinnacle Systems Avid Dazzle DVD Recorder device for transferring old content. Got it on sale and it comes with Pinnacle Studio HD 14. I have bad memories of old school Pinnacle so I have trepidations about installing the software.

I know it is not the same product from long ago. Still, I'm not sure it can run on a 64 bit OS.
I'll need to dig out my old Hi-8 camcorder and my SD JVC hard drive camcorder to re-edit old footage.

When I find the time. Which seems to be elusive.Anyway, I'm in the thick of it and when this round of writing papers is through I can dive into more important issues like did I just waste $40 on old tech or can my old laptop find a new reason for earning its keep?

Stay tuned...

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