Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brainstorming with Word Clouds

Getting past the grip of a solid writing block demands cunning. I tried writing it out on paper but the little haters were armed to the teeth trying to knock down what I kinda sorta wanted to do. It is important to take an idea and put it in a fixed form.

I had to get past myself. I need to see what it is that I want to do; which might not be what I actually create but I'm not at that stage yet. Hence, the word cloud.

Plunk in the words you are thinking about or potentially want to use in your project and you get them reflected back to you to do with as you please.

There are some good words in that cloud; crust, humans, evidence, grinding.  It actually gives me three additional ideas I hadn't considered.

What works for me might not work for you. There are those of us that are solid word/text people. There are doodlers, color benders and speakers into the microphone. I'm just being descriptive, not prescriptive.

Go forth and piss off your little haters. Find a way to get the germ of your idea into a fixed form so that you can commit to it. Or at least fix a starting point.

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