Monday, June 23, 2014

Drat I'm Still Testing Adobe Voice

With a paper and a final due it is a challenge to post but I'm trying to use Adobe Voice as part of my project.  There have been some issues but it is coming along. This is a first generation product so I have to remind myself to be chill.

This is the reason I have to remind myself to chill:

Creating a project is easy. Creating a good one still takes time. But once you upload the project to the Adobe servers and you want to share the fruits of your labor you will probably see the above screen.

You will have to try again. Sometimes in five minutes. Sometimes in an hour of so. Remember; the video is not accessible on your device. You have to upload to the Adobe site and then view your video.

There are other options like posting to Twitter or Facebook but it is the same irritation. If your fellow Adobe Voice users are creating and uploading video then there is a problem.

Folks are finding solutions to the issue. Some folks are using web services to download a copy of the video so that they can re-post on Vimeo or YouTube.

Some folks are using screen capture software to make their own copies.

There are some quality issues; if you use certain highly saturated colors they can look streaked or have weird unintended patterns.

So this photo is a frame from a test video. It was created with a solid orange background. But let's say, hypothetically it was recorded using a screen capture program (SnagIt). The rendered version has streaks and blotches in the color area.

It might be better for me to select black, white or a softer palette. Still in the lab.

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