Friday, June 13, 2014

Videolicious Quick Storytelling App

On the other side of the animated video bum rush of apps is an application like Videolicious. You tap, record, tap record again and the app will compose your video for you. This is an iOS app for quickly creating an edited video experience. That sounds mushy but basically you record the video and the narrations and the app does the rest.

Here is a demo from the company:

It is very similar to Adobe Voice in that you need to know the story your want to tell, gather your clips, record your narration and let the device compose the video. Like Adobe Voice, there is a provided music source and video effects that you can add to your video.

I can't seem to confirm it from the web site but it does appear you can save and download the completed video.

So, Who Is It For?

Well, I found it on a journalism site; I'm guessing that with the number of reporters that are now being asked to create video with their written content this is a time saver. In the commercials that I've seen it is also being touted to the business community.

I definitely can see a place for it in education videos and text or non-techy creatives who want to dabble but not dive deep into video production. This could be a great thing for travel bloggers or those that want to do mini-videos of certain environments.

Too Good To Be True?

No. Seems very straight forward if you can live with the limitations. This is a processed video. Process can be good but there is a difference between artisan Swiss cheese and processed Swiss cheese.

This app will help you to produce a smooth video. No question about it but it will be formatted like every other video produced by this app. It will be up to you to inject vitality and enhancements that set your video apart. The app makes it easy to create content but you will have to step up your game if it is a video that people want to watch.

For personal use it is free and the pricing for small business use is very reasonable.

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